Target campaigns based on audience intelligence

Combine the power of Targeting AI solutions with rich user data from social media channels to reach people with intelligent audience targeting.


Deliver personalized experiences that truly 
resonate with your audiences by dividing 
into detailed segments based on their 
interests, behavior, location, and 

Inter Platform Learning

Utilize the learnings from cross-channel 
user behavioral insights and determine 
the best targeting segments for your 

Targeting Recommendation 

Get a comprehensive understanding of the 
most relevant target audience across 
different social media channels and take 
advantage of revenue opportunities.

Take omnichannel personalization to the masses

Plan, activate, scale, and mobilize the audience mix to run effective marketing  campaigns across the most engaging digital channels while connecting the dots to real business growth

Make smarter decisions backed by micro segmented data

Go the extra mile and understand your audiences at a deeper level to give them the most relevant experience and increase efficiency of your campaigns.

Target focused consumer groups 
to give them more personalized 

  • Group consumers into more specific, focused audiences in spite of limited user data. Identify the most relevant segments to get a clear picture of what each sub-group within the scope of your larger audience needs, what they value and how they behave.                                                         

  • Microsegmentation API takes learnings about macro target groups, campaign objectives, unrelated audiences and refines the broad categories of consumers into smaller and smaller segments based on demographics, behaviour, geography, and psychology. 


  • Deliver personalized and relevant experiences to your targeted audiences based on user behavioral insights and data from internal and external sources to discover, understand and define them more accurately.

Utilize cross-platform learning 
to identify the most relevant 
target groups

  • Identify the most relevant segments using learnings from cross-channel user behavioral insights and determine the best targeting groups for a specific campaign.


  • Interplatform Learning API extracts in-depth insights from data sources such as macro target groups, campaign objectives, and unrelated audiences and allows coordination between different digital marketing platforms to transfer accurate knowledge about the customers.


  • Identify highly indexing attributes to get a holistic understanding of each base audience and their potential subgroups and utilize the learning to run campaigns that garner high conversions across each social media channel.

Identify the most performing 
microsegments with continuous 

  • Pyxis’s Targeting Recommendation API recommends the most performing microsegments based on continuous learnings from different social media channels. 


  • It initiates a deeper understanding of user behavior by analyzing sources such as macro target groups, campaign objectives, and unrelated audiences across different social media channels.


  • Based on repetitive learnings, Pyxis Targeting Recommendation API identifies micro-segments that are relevant to your campaign strategy. 


  • It iterates the consumer knowledge transfer across every channel and enables you to convert users at a much higher rate than normal macro-level segments with an increase in return on ad spend.

Client Speaks

“Pyxis has helped us break through the digital marketing optimization bottleneck by achieving rapid growth in conversions. The dynamic segments generated were incredibly useful during our campaign, and enabled us to scale up rapidly.”

Marketing Team,


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