Campaign optimization infused with artificial intelligence

Discover a robust Optimization cloud equipped with advanced campaign execution and real-time monitoring capabilities enabling marketers to drive campaign performance to optimal results.

Funnel Debugger 

Identify the stage at which your marketing 
actions faltered so that you can take 
immediate measures to leverage your 
business performance and engage your 
users efficiently.

Custom Trigger on 

Take quick actions over momentary events on your active campaigns as custom triggers  initiate actions based on the performance  scores sourced from past campaign data.

Auto Campaign Creation 

Utilise the campaign feedback from historical data collected from social media channels to come up with the best campaign solutions.

Make your campaigns thrive with intelligent optimization

AI-powered optimization that improves campaign performance by maximizing conversions  and ensures that you are running the most effective and profitable campaigns

Power results-driven strategies with Optimization APIs

Analyze campaign insights so that you can easily optimize and scale your audiences across relevant platforms to achieve your digital marketing goals.

Figure out the inconsistencies  in your marketing strategy

  • Identify the stage in the marketing funnel where your actions faltered so that you can take the necessary steps to leverage your business performance.


  • The Funnel Debugger API monitors metrics that are crucial to your marketing goals and determines the inflection point in the user’s journey. 


  • Marketers can utilize the insights to optimize their marketing strategy by ensuring consistency and take faster actions to gain back your customers.

Optimize your campaign strategy 
based on historical learnings

  • Pyxis’s Auto Campaign Creation Feedback API is responsible for taking feedback from the three powerful AI engines and mapping the learnings to pass them to the analysis and experiment recommendation engine. 


  • The feedback is then comprehensively analyzed and recommendations are generated based on the performance of the campaigns.


  • Monitor and optimize the campaigns in real-time and use historical learnings from social media channels to come up with better campaign solutions.

Take faster decisions by setting 
custom triggers on your campaigns

  • Take quick actions on momentary events by initiating custom triggers based on the performance scores generated for the active campaigns.  


  • Custom Trigger on Performance API is responsible for capturing real-time insights on the campaigns running across different social media channels and monitors them continuously to generate the performance scores. 


  • Based on these performance scores, custom triggers are set which alter the campaign execution process to help you streamline the process and ensure that the campaigns run effectively.

Client Speaks

“Pyxis has helped us break through the digital marketing optimization bottleneck by achieving rapid growth in conversions. The dynamic segments generated were incredibly useful during our campaign, and enabled us to scale up rapidly.”

Marketing Team,


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