Creativity combined with artificial intelligence

Meet the most sophisticated Creative cloud that empowers marketers to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence to boost performance at every stage.

Raise the creative bar

Everything your brand needs to pre-assess, design, create and analyze highly effective marketing campaigns packed into one solution

Dynamic Creative

​Easily catch your audience’s attention by generating relevant creatives and targeting them based on user demographics,interest, and behaviour.

Auto Segmentation of 

Automatically determine the most effective combination of creative assets for your audience based on micro segmentation and insights from previous high-performing ads.

Live Events API

Capture real-time events and deliver highly relevant live creatives to enhance the viewing experience for the users.

Predictive Creative Planner

Generate a calculated set of creatives  specific to a target group based on historical learnings and predict the creative plan for the next campaign.

Cognitive Multivariate Testing and Feedback Adaption

Create combinations of ad variations using cognitive assessment based on colors, text or offer positioning to determine which creative appeals to a particular set of audience.

Engagement Based Creative Sequencing

Determine the part at which a unique visitor is dropping off from a campaign and let the AI modify the sequence of creatives according to their response to improve engagement.

Disrupt the Digital Marketing Landscape with AI-fueled Creative APIs

Pyxis is powered by AI-led creative automation which enables you to rapidly create, launch and iterate the best performing ads across digital marketing platforms

Attract more targeted traffic with 
hyper-localized creatives

  • Scale, build, and deploy highly relevant creatives to launch effective marketing campaigns.


  • Use in-built visual editor with ready to use templates or upload your own to get started. 


  • Dynamic Creative API allows generation of highly relevant variants from single base creative.  


  • Platform resizing API then customizes creatives into different resolutions for multiple Ad networks.

  • Capture your audience with hyper-localized creatives and give them a unique experience.

Integrate Real-time events to enhance the viewing experience for your audience

  • Engage more by integrating live events right from weather to news and sports in the form of dynamic ads.


  • Add specific elements to become dynamic and fetched real-time via live event API.


  • The Live Event API will update the creatives with current events and enable you to share them across the digital marketing platforms in the preferred resolution. 


  • Build live experiences for your audience by capturing real-time events and boost user engagement with Pyxis Live Event API.

Generate creative assets based on 
micro-segmentation of user data

  • Generate a wide set of impactful creative assets with accurate segmentation to optimize the ad performance.​


  • Auto segmentation API  builds relevant creatives for a targeted set of audience segments on the basis of specific variables such as demographics, interest, location, and age group. 


  • Build high performing ads as Auto Segmentation API conducts fine-grained explorations on the user data and lets you to maximize the efficiency of your campaigns.

Build multi-variant creatives based on cognitive evaluation

  • Evaluate the creatives based on cognitive abilities of a particular user and utilize the relevant ones out of all the possible combinations to give them personalized ad experience and unlock greater performance.  


  • Choose in-built templates or upload your own template and use the Pyxis visual editor to refine them and meet your campaign objective. Add specific elements to the creative to ensure that it is relevant to your campaign. 


  • Cognitive Multivariate Testing API processes the creative and produces multiple variations using cognitive evaluation based on layout, colors, text, language, offer positioning, and model accessory kit.


  • Select the creative that best fits the campaign or perform manual editing for minor tweaks. Use the Platform Resizer API to automatically resize and generate creatives in multiple resolutions to send it across the preferred social media marketing channels.

Create an effective campaign plan based on past performing data

  • Predict the campaign plan based on past performing data collected from multiple social media channels and come up with best creative solutions to garner conversions. 


  • Use the Access token to Pyxis platform to authorize access to the API. 


  • The Predictive Creative Planner API processes information such as  performance data, past creatives, raw data, or even matrices such as seasonal campaigns and generates a creative planner to help you achieve high efficiency in the future campaigns when run on a specific digital marketing platform. 


  • The campaign plan is unique to each channel and can be referred to target your campaign creatives to specific sets of audiences which are grouped on the basis of age group, location, interests, and demographics.

Leverage ad sequencing across 
social media channels

  • Reduce ad fatigue by targeting creatives to individuals who match a specific user persona based on their engagement rate across different social media channels and increase viewer rates.  


  • Upload the campaign video for analyzing the point at which a particular user has diverted from it and form an audience bucket based on the engagement over each video frame. 


  • The Engagement Based Creative Sequencing API then takes learning from this data and follows a granular approach to showcase the creative sequence to the users according to their behavior and response on various channels. 


  • Maximize the user engagement with AI-led Engagement Based Creative Sequencing API and create a massive impact through immersive and personalized creatives targeted on the right set of audiences.

Client Speaks

“Pyxis has helped us break through the digital marketing optimization bottleneck by achieving rapid growth in conversions. The dynamic segments generated were incredibly useful during our campaign, and enabled us to scale up rapidly.”

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