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Digital marketing has grown by leaps and bounds ever since social media and display networks became a popular, lucrative way of reaching out to audiences. These networks have done a spectacular job of breaking geographical barriers and virtually hosting a large part of the world’s population on them. Thereby giving brands quick access to audiences to facilitate lasting relationships with them.  

Yet, most advertisers find it difficult to locate their most relevant audiences accurately. This roadblock has long led to brands designing a one-size-fits-all form of communication, hoping that it reaches at least a part of their relevant audience set. However, any effort to optimize campaigns without a precise idea of the audience will not bear fruit. Instead, the result is – low ad relevance, unjustified ROAS, very expensive Customer Acquisition Costs, difficulty building lasting customer relationships, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

How do you solve such a problem? The brains behind Pyxis broke this dilemma down to its fundamentals with one objective – to provide value to brands at every level. Keeping this in mind, the team devised a unique and innovative AI-led platform to help brands make the most out of their ad spends. 

The Pyxis Performance Platform 

The Pyxis Targeting AI: Pinpointing High-Value Customers 

One of the keys to successful advertising is profoundly understanding your customer personas. This process directly feeds your creative efforts and marketing strategies.  

All brands have a crystal-clear idea of their macro and even micro audience segments. But is that enough to connect you to high-value customers within your relevant segments? It is not. The Targeting AI understands this and helps bridge the gap by aiding in pinpointing exact customer personas. These personas are vital to understanding the emotional and behavioral triggers that drive the customer’s decision-making process. Once personas are defined, it becomes easy to map the persona’s journey and be present at the right places to guide their purchasing behavior. With Pyxis’s intelligent audience targeting and pico-segmentation, brands come closer than ever before understanding audience behavior. 

The Pyxis Creative AI: Hyper-Personalized Communication At Scale 

A few personalized creatives can be more effective than many sets of generic creatives that talk to everyone and yet no one in particular. 

The Creative AI analyzes millions of data points to arrive at the ideal creative composition to ensure the desired impact on marketing metrics. The objective is to increase engagement through personalized creatives, at scale, to appeal to the unique sensibilities of every customer. The AI maps the creatives to the relevant audiences through auto-segmentation, thereby increasing efficiency. Pyxis Performance goes the extra mile to make communication truly engaging through event integrated creatives. Brands can now spark conversations around real-time events by integrating sports scores, weather reports, and much more in their creatives. 

The Pyxis Optimization AI: Real-Time, Platform-Specific Budget Optimization 

Knowing exactly when to re-allocate your ad spends towards a more money-spinning platform is key to ensuring higher ROAS and avoiding throwing good money after bad. 

Traditionally, campaigns were run on a basic understanding of which platform works best for your brand. However, that is never enough. The Pyxis Optimization AI continuously monitors your campaign performance and recommends actions to ensure the highest efficiency. With the Pyxis Performance dashboard, brands can conduct cross-platform optimizations to achieve campaign objectives in the most cost-effective manner. The incredibly unique optimization AI allows brands to do so much than they were doing earlier. Right from funnel debugging to understand exactly when customers cease to engage with your communication to training your own AI models to meet your specific needs – the possibilities are endless. 

Advanced Analytics: One Dashboard To Understand Performance Across Channels 

Understanding campaign performance across multiple channels and platforms has never been more effortless before. The Pyxis Performance advanced analytics dashboard fetches campaign data from all channels to give you a view of how close you are to achieving your business objectives. With advanced features that alert you to performance red flags and real-time interactive reporting, campaign planning and management become extremely data-driven and profitable. You can just sit back and watch your dashboard as your numbers rise. 

Campaign Execution Management 

Running and managing campaigns of any scale can be a complex process, especially if there are multiple assets and communication tactics involved. The Pyxis Performance platform steps in here to seamlessly store, organize, and locate all your assets for you. This helps make your planning and campaign set-up effortless. However, the cherry on the cake is the creative, targeting, optimization, and custom tactics that the platform offers. Built to make campaigns intensely efficient, the tactics and set-ups allow brands to explore methods unique to themselves when quickly achieving business objectives.

Why Should You Choose Pyxis Performance? 

As professional marketers, here are some questions you are probably asking yourselves at this point.  

  • Why should I run my campaigns using Pyxis Performance?  
  • What extra benefits can I possibly get?  
  • I’m already happy with my numbers, why should I switch to another platform now? 

While it is wise to stay on top of your marketing metrics to ensure they are achieved, it is wiser to step back and take stock of whether those are indeed the most profitable metrics.  

  • Are you optimizing your campaigns to only drive business growth or are you also trying to improve customer lifetime value (LTV)?  
  • Are you ensuring revenue for the long run or are you going only after the short-term goal?  
  • Are you connecting with your most profitable audiences or are you only trying to drive up your CTRs?  
  • Most importantly, are you paying much more than you can justify in acquiring new customers and retaining old ones?  

These are just some of the insights you can be privy to with Pyxis Performance. The platform understands the importance of data-driven decisions. So, while it analyzes your current campaigns to give you the highest ROI on current ad spends, it is also building a base to recommend steps to help you make the most out of your future ad spends. Yes, Pyxis Performance is in it for the long run and not only for instant gratification. 

Start Experiencing Effortless Digital Marketing Right Away 

Programmatic advertising increases the chances of effectively channeling messages across platforms and optimizing their reach. However, if you are not taking advantage of its potential, you are already missing out on saving money and acquiring quality customers. 

Pyxis Performance enables brands to manage and optimize their ad operations using machine learning and artificial intelligence. With a comprehensive set of innovative AI working together, Pyxis Performance is uniquely placed to help businesses grow and become profitable faster. Brand, performance, and marketing teams can now work closely to bridge the gap between performance and conversion.  

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