Empowering Creative Science with Analytics

Identify user behavior with pinpoint targeting. Generate outperforming creatives. Optimize with peak efficiency. Our next-generation marketing cloud- Pyxis enables brands to use data  creatively and produce iconic marketing campaigns for greater performance.

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AI fueled marketing APIs to keep your brand ahead  of the curve

Pyxis Marketing Cloud offers a full stack of marketing APIs to deliver an end-to-end digital  marketing experience. Our robust modular approach is designed to fuel up your business goals by delivering actionable outputs.

Creative AI

Raise the bar higher with our Creative AI tools that redefine the way you connect with your audience that adapts to changing  trends to move as fast as your consumers. 

Popular Features

Dynamic creatives

Auto segmentation of creative

Cognitive Multivariate testing and 
placement heat map

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Targeting AI 

Leverage artificial intelligence to target the most relevant segments to get a clear picture of what each sub-group within the scope of your larger audience needs, what they value and how they behave.

Optimization  AI

Enhance your marketing objectives across platforms  with Optimization AI stack to ensure peak efficiency in performance.

Popular Features

Micro segmentation 

Cross platform segment level learning 

Targeting recommendation system from historical learnings

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Popular Features

Cross platform performance-based 
learning and real time actions

24/7 Campaign monitoring with real time alerts

Funnel debugger

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Redefine Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Pyxis Marketing cloud AI takes a data-driven approach to ensure the  best outcomes using our marketing APIs.


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optimization actions


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data points


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Powering 35+ Brands


Client Speaks

“Pyxis has helped us break through the digital  marketing optimization bottleneck by achieving rapid growth in conversions. The dynamic segments generated were incredibly useful during our campaign, and enabled us to scale up rapidly.”

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